Saturday, April 9, 2011

Orez cu pui si legume + astenie de primavara (Rice with Chicken and Vegetables + spring fatigue)


Please scroll down for English version

          De cand am venit in Toronto nu mai prea stiu ce e aia primavara, deoarece aici iarna e mai lunga ca in Romania, iar trecerea de la iarna la vara se face rapid de obicei, cu diferente foarte mari de temperatura, cel putin asta am observat eu in cele 2 primaveri petrecute deja aici; chiar daca frumosul anotimp ne insoteste cu prezenta foarte scurt daca nu deloc, organismul meu resimte o astenie grozava ca in fiecare an, de nu am chef nici sa gatesc si de aceea nu am activitate in ultimul timp pe blog...daca aveti sugestii pentru alungarea asteniei please let me asa ma simt zilele astea:


        M-am gandit sa postez reteta aceasta super rapida cu orez pe care am facut-o cand ma aflam intr-o stare de lene maxima :) e simplu si delicios si merge perfect cu o salata de ridichi si ceapa verde.


      200 g piept de pui fiert (il aveam ramas)
      1 ceapa
      1 ardei
      1 morcov
      250 g orez Arborio (bob mic, bun pt risotto)
      patrunjel verde
      unt pt prajit

Cum se face:

Se curata legumele si se toaca marunt. Puiul se taie bucati mai mari. Orezul se spala si se scurge de apa.

Intr-o tigaie punem untul la topit si prajim ceapa cu ardeiul, adaugam morcovul si punem apa, lasam sa fiarba 5 minute.

Adaugam orezul spalat, condimentam cu sare si lasam sa fiarba la foc mic pana orezul e moale, amestecand din cand in cand sa nu se prinda (adaugati cate putina apa daca e nevoie).

Intr-o tigaie separata prajim bucatile de pui condimentate cu sare si piper.

Cand orezul e aproape fiert, adaugam puiul prajit, avand grija sa amestecam.

Condimentam cu sare, piper si presaram verdeata tocata. Servim cu salata de cruditati sau muraturi dupa preferinta. Puiul prajit ii da o aroma mai buna decat daca am face pilaf de orez cu pui proaspat.

Mai de aproape...

Si o poza cu salata minunata si super gustoasa! Bon appetit si va doresc multa energie!!!

English version 

       I can't remember what spring means since I came to Toronto, because here winter lasts longer than in Romania, and passing from winter to summer is so fast, with huge temperature differences, at least that's what I observed in the last 2 springs that I spent here; even though the beautiful season is so short if not absent, my body experiences a very intense spring fatigue like every year, that I'm not in the mood to cook or anything else for that matter, that's why I don't have too much blog activity lately...if you have any suggestions to make this spring fatigue go away, please let me know...this is how I feel lately:
  Finding myself in a terrible laziness, I thought I should make this super fast rice recipe. It's simple, delicious and goes perfectly with a radish and green onion fresh salad :)


      200 g cooked chicken breast

      1 onion
      1 pepper
      1 carrot
      250 g Arborio rice
      fresh parsley leaves
      butter for frying

How it's made:

We peel and chop the vegetables. We cut the chicken in bigger pieces. We wash the rice and drain the water.
In a pan, we melt the butter and fry the onion with the pepper, we add the chopped carrot and pour water, leaving them to cook on low heat for 5 minutes.
We add the washed rice, we sprinkle salt and we let it cook on low heat until the rice is tender, stirring often, to prevent the rice from sticking to the pan.
Meanwhile in a separate skillet we fry the chicken in a little bit of butter.
When the rice is almost cooked we add the fried chicken and we stir them all together, leaving them to cook until the rice is fully cooked.
We spice the rice and sprinkle fresh chopped parsley leaves.
We serve with a fresh radish salad or pickled vegetables if you like. The chicken tastes better with fried chicken than the rice pilaf with fresh chicken.
 Bon appetit!


  1. Looks so fresh! And so delicious, I would love this recipe.

  2. Thank you Carol, I didn't have any time last night to make the translation, but now it's here :) Have a wonderful new week!

  3. I love this one dish meal, looks delicious and healthy :)

  4. And super fast Anncoo, for those days when you're really not in the mood :) Thank you for visiting my blog!!!

  5. Noi si pilaful il facem tot cu bucati de pui prajite. Sigur ca iese mai gustos asa ;)

    Pupici dulci!

  6. Oana, eu stiu de la altii si varianta fierberii puiului impreuna cu orezul, dar imi place aceasta mai mult :) Te pup, multumesc de vizita!

  7. Alina, this is really a lovely dish. I'm a fairly new reader of your blog and I don't comment often. I did, however, want you to know how much I enjoy your site. You've created a lovely spot for your readers and it is a pleasure to visit here. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  8. Mary, it means a lot to me what you wrote!!! I am delighted you enjoy visiting my blog and that you are one of my readers! I'm a beginner in the blogging world and I never would've guessed that I'll have visitors that would leave so kind comments.
    You really brightened up my day Mary! Thank you so much and I hope you'll continue to visit :) Have a wonderful week!

  9. Oh, this looks fantastic! What a wonderful, comforting dish...yum!

  10. Thank you Lizzy, I wanted something fast and delicious, so here it is :) Enjoy your day!

  11. Sorry about the Spring fatigue, I never realized that you do not really get to enjoy Spring there. Hope your feeling brighter soon :)
    This is a lovely dish, so fresh and healthy...and the salad sounds wonderful as well:)

  12. Very nice, tasty and healthy! I know what you mean by not being in the mood to cook, but even so you created a beautiful dish. I hope you feel more energized soon!

  13. Pam, thank you for stopping by!

    Magic of Spice, thank you so much for visiting today and for your kind words, I'm feeling much better today!

    Guvi, every year is the same story for me, so I'm kind of used to it :) I appreciate your visit and I hope you have a terrific spring!

  14. Alina, our weather is like that too, last week was winter and then it felt almost like summer a few days ago. This dish looks perfect for this kind of weather and I love how easy and quick it is to put together. Thank you for sharing.

  15. Megi, thank you for your comment and it's true that the weather is not what it used to be, I guess it's still hard to adapt :) I'm glad you liked this super fast recipe!


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